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Intellectual Property

The Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Layout Designs/circuits and the Trade secrets are together called the Intellectual Property Rights, which have become a very vital asset to the upcoming industry or enterprise in today’s highly competitive, innovative and rapidly changing technology in the business arena. These rights are not absolute rights as they are granted for some period only and are subject to renewal/conditions which may vary from time to time depending on the Government policy and International covenants.They need to be protected so as to monetise the IP assets of an organisation.

IP Services

1. Trademark Registration and logo registration. 2. Trademark renewal and annuities. 3. Design Registration and design search . 4. Patent filing (across in globe), PCT filing , National phase filing 5. Patent illustrations. 6. Patent Search & Analytics Patentability Searches Freedom to operate (FTO) Searches Asian language searches i.e Taiwanese, Korean & Japanese searches . Infringement Analysis Patent Landscape Invalidity search Validity search 7.Competitive Intelligence,Patent watch & IP Due diligence 8. Patent Drafting 9. Patent Prosecution


Our intellectual property team consist of following members they are mentioned below

Preetpal Singh Guliani.(PPS) (Legal advisor /Of. Counsel) B.Sc (Biotech) LLM Patent attorney , Regd. Patent Agent & IP Analyst . Domain areas: Biotechnology, medical devices, bioinformatics and life sciences .

Ranbir Singh Chadha. (Legal advisor/Of. counsel) M.A L.L.B Trademark and design attorney Domain areas: Trademark registration and filing design registration and searching and trademark related litigation

Mrs. Pooja IP Paralegal Domain areas: Trademark search and trademark filing and trademark litigation drafting , patent drafting and para legal work

Ms. Madhu Thakur IP Paralegal Domain areas: Drafting of patent and design applications, searching of trademarks.

Ms Anju IP associate Domain areas: Patent analysis and support services.

Gagandeep kaur : Trademark filing services and litigation . IP attorney litigation