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Trademark Renewal


Previously the trademark registry used to renew the trademark registered for a period of five years later on it was changed and extended to 7 years but with inclusion of new provisions the present position in 2011 is that in consonance with the Trademark law and the rules associated with it has been extended to ten years.As on date in 2010 a trademark is registered in India for a period of ten years from the date of filing of the trademark application. After the expiry of the above mentioned period, the trademark can be further renewed for a period of ten years a notice of renewal is issued by the Trademark Registry for filing the same. Before the expiry of the above mentioned registration period, the registry shall forthwith send a notice of renewal of the expired trademark to the concerned party or his Trademark attorney to renew the trademark. If the notice is not complied with within the prescribed time span/ date the trademark or the word mark or logo becomes liable to be removed from the Trademark journal maintained with the trademark Registry at New Delhi, INDIA. As per the rules and regulations of Indian Trademark Act, 1999 and the rules mentioned there under the renewal fee can also be paid within six months from the expiry date by paying the requisite late fee in the way enumerated by the Registrar of Trademarks. If the trademark has been removed from the register of trademark for non-payment of renewal fee, the registrar shall after six months but before the expiration of twelve months, on an application made in the prescribed manner restore the application for further period of ten years from the last expired date .The renewal fee is 5000 fee and the requisite form for renewal fee is Form No. is TM-12.For more Info You can step into our office at Chandigarh.